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Popular questions

Are the prices in my order fixed?

All the prices in the order are fixed as long as you pay your order in one hour. We accept the time delay for transfers between different banks.

Can I exchange coins at Tavex?

We accept all Polish coins, EUR, GBP, DKK, SEK and NOK. We are not able to exchange other denominations or other currencies.

Can Tavex send currencies by mail to me?

We are not able to send currencies to you at the moment, we may only exchange at our store at Świętokrzyska 32 i Warsaw. Should the opportunity emerge, you will find the information about this on

How does Tavex set rates?

Prices are set according to the current currency market prices and are adjusted after our competitors’ prices in order for Tavex to be able to offer the best prices on the market.

What payment options does Tavex accept?

You can pay in cash or bank transfer.

– A valid identification document is needed for all purchases that exceed 15 000 EUR (equivalent in PLN).
– Documentation regarding the origin of the cash is required for larger payments.
Before transferring money to one of our accounts, please contact us for more information on 22 114 00 20 or

Does Tavex offer better rates when exchanging larger amounts?

We try always to offer a better rate when exchanging amounts exceeding 1 000 EUR. Do not hesitate to ask for your rate at the counter or at 22 114 00 20. The price offered is valid for one hour unless anything else is indicated.

Does Tavex charge a fee for currency exchange?

All currencies are free of any fees.

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