Tavex is a Leader in Precious Metals
& Forex in Northern Europe

About Tavex

Tavex is a financial firm that provides physical precious metals, currency exchange, and payment services to a broad customer base that includes private individuals, high net worth clients, businesses of various sizes, and financial institutions. Tavex is part of the Tavex Group that was founded in 1991 in Estonia. The Group has firmly established itself as the leading precious metals dealer in Northern Europe with 30 multi-exchange offices in eight countries that serve on average 1.3 million clients annually. The Tavex Group maintains a strong financial position and is debt free.

Our Mission

Tavex’s mission is to provide transparent and competitive exchange and financial services.

Our Approach

We believe that the exchange of goods and services is the foundation to any society. That is why we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the most dynamic and cost-effective solutions to exchange currency and precious metals, and to transact with various payment services.

We believe that transparency is one of the cornerstones of long-term success. That is why we guarantee that our prices and fees are always clearly outlined and up to date. Our customers never pay hidden charges and we go to great lengths to secure their trust and to earn their business.

We believe in investment precious metals as assets that safeguard wealth. That is why we are committed to providing a reliable and secure two-way market which enables clients to conveniently sell and purchase gold or silver.

Our Core Values

The firm’s two decades of steadfast growth is a result of a business philosophy that consists of three pillars of principle that have guided the firm since its inception:

  • Our clients are the most valuable and vital aspect of our business. We always strive to provide the best possible service. This means exceptional customer care, fair and transparent pricing of our services and products, and, most importantly, top priority given to our clients’ needs and interest.
  • Our partners range from the world’s largest precious metal manufacturers and refiners, to the foremost government mints, and the leading financial institutions in Scandinavia. We hold the view that our partners play a key role in our development and growth. We are thus committed to fostering our long-term partnerships in a way that balances the mutual interest of all parties
  • Our employees are the firm’s most treasured asset. They are our starting point and we go a long way to providing the optimal conditions for their well-being. We choose our employees carefully and we take great pride in having a team of dedicated, talented and service-oriented individuals that share the same high standards of integrity and professional ethics.

The future commitment

We enjoy what we do, and our business philosophy of keeping our clients, partners, and employees happy has always provided us with success. We will continue to adhere to this way of thinking, and we believe that our future achievements will be the result of our continuous commitment to providing exceptional services that rest on quality, dedication and trust.


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Tavid that is part of the Tavex Group was first founded.

Tavex begun to sell investment gold in Europe.

Tavex sells a record 2,159 kg of investment gold.

Tavex Group serves 1.93 million clients in Europe.

Annual sales of investment gold reach a record 3,137 kg.

Tavex expands into Warsaw, Poland. Tavex is now present in 8 countries across Europe.