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Investment Gold Bar PAMP Fortuna 1 g

Tavex is pleased to offer the PAMP Fortuna gold bullion bar. Depicting the famous and internationally recognised motif of the Roman Goddess of Fortune, they are considered to be among the finest minted 99.99% pure gold bullion bars in the world. Manufactured by PAMP, a world renowned Swiss precious metals fabricator which is accredited by the Swiss Central Bank and the LBMA, the one gram gold bar is a perfect choice for those who seek an exquisite gold product that offers a good balance between liquidity, portability and affordability. By taking possession of this elegant gold bar you are not only gaining a valuable precious metal fabricated by Swiss engineering expertise, but also an alternative hard currency that has an implicit guarantee of being international accepted by bullion dealers, financial institutions and investors alike.

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  • The gold bars .9999 fine purity is guaranteed. PAMP’s manufacturing and refining processes are overseen by affirmed assayers accredited by the Swiss Federal Bureau for the Control of Precious Metals and by the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association), guaranteeing the strict quality and purity standard of PAMP’s gold bars.
  • PAMP Fortuna gold bars are affordable yet make elegant gifts. The specific amount of gold contained in the one gram bullion bar makes it reasonably priced, yet quite suitable for gifts since it is unique, valuable and “Swiss made”.
  • PAMP Fortuna gold bars are pure craftsmanship in gold. The one gram gold bullion bar is manufactured using the highest Swiss engineering skills. It combines shiny surfaces with a polished decorative motif of the famed Lady Fortuna, the Roman goddess of prosperity, making it eye-catching for anyone who admires precious craftsmanship.
  • The PAMP Fortuna gold bar is worth its weight in gold. PAMP’s one gram bar is among the world’s most widely sold pieces of gold in this format. Its value is explicitly based on the fine gold content which is linked to the prevailing price of gold. 
  • PAMP Fortuna gold bars are money. PAMP’s gold bars are accepted as Good Delivery by the Swiss Central Bank, by the LBMA, and all major commodity exchanges around the world, guaranteeing the worldwide exchangeability of PAMP’s one gram gold bars by bullion dealers, banks and investors alike. 

PAMP – artistic precious metals products
PAMP was founded in 1977 in Switzerland, and has since then grown to become the world’s most significant manufacturer of bullion bars, ranging in weights from 1 to 100 grams. PAMP’s main facility is located in the picturesque Swiss village of castel san pietro where it operates an advanced refinery and fabrication plant that applies the highest Swiss engineering skills and latest cutting-edge technologies in the refinement and production processes of its famed bullion bars. Hailed as a market leader in innovation and in the fabrication of retail precious metal bars, the company was the first precious metals manufacturer to grace the reverse side of its gold bars with different aesthetic motifs. One of them, the beautiful motif of lady Fortuna, the roman goddess of fortune, became a world hit and is today the hallmark of PAMP’s excellence as a fabricator. It is no wonder then that the acronym of the brand PAMP (produits artistiques métaux précieux) means artistic precious metal products. PAMP’s high purity and quality bullion bars are accredited by the Swiss national bank and the LBMA (london bullion market association), making them the preferred choice of leading financial institutions, central banks, investors and collectors worldwide.
The minted PAMP gold bar
Minted bars refer to the manufacturing process that is applied to create them. the process begins by heating gold material in a furnace until it turns to a molten slurry. During the heating process, all unwanted impurities in the slurry are removed until only molten gold of high purity is left, most often at around 99.99%. The molten gold is then poured into moulds, usually in the shape of large bars, where it cools and solidifies. The solid gold is then inserted into a mill that rolls the gold into panels with a uniform dimension. afterwards, the gold panels are inserted into a blanking press that punches blanks out of the gold panels. The next step involves the weighing of each gold blank to ensure that it is neither underweight nor overweight and those that pass this test are then polished for them to obtain a shiny surface. The last stage involves the minting process where the gold blank is inserted into a minting press that presses its die with huge force to transfer the design from the die onto the gold blank. The result is a minted bar. The newly minted gold bar is then inspected before being sealed in a transparent tamper-proof protective package.
The “Swiss made” PAMP gold bar
Switzerland’s reputation for producing high quality luxurious products is not limited to the watch industry but applies equally to investment gold. Switzerland is to gold what France is to wine, a statement supported by hard facts which show that most of the world’s gold is refined in this prosperous alpine country. Information from the London good delivery list shows that six refineries hold 90% of the gold market and four of those, including PAMP, are based in Switzerland. on average, Switzerland refines between 65-75% of the world’s annual supply of gold, making it the number one country in the world when it comes to refining gold and manufacturing bullion bars. The reason why Switzerland commands this position is because of the country’s high level of security, efficient logistics, a strong financial system that accommodates some of the world’s leading international banks, and, most importantly, stringent laws that set high standards regarding the quality and purity of finished bullion products. for example, every PAMP gold bar contains an assayer’s stamp, seen on the reverse as “essayeur fondeur”, which guarantees the purity of the bar. To be able to put this marking on its bars, PAMP needs to comply with strict Swiss federal laws (precious metals control act) and employ an affirmed assayer who has acquired the needed federal assayer’s licenses. Affirmed assayers must keep proper account of the determination of fineness that they perform and at any given time must make their books available to the authorities for inspection. In other words, every PAMP gold bar has its purity accredited by government and industry bodies, its quality complies with the highest industry standards and is perfected by the best Swiss engineers, resulting in a product with golden integrity that surpasses all standards of excellence. After all, it is Swiss made.

PAMP a member of the London bullion market association
The LBMA, or London bullion market association, was established as an independent oversight body by Britain’s central bank in 1987. The roots of the LMBA can be traced back several centuries to the 1700s when London started to emerge as the world’s leading trading hub for precious metals. Referred to as the “London gold market”, it was self-regulated by the London’s foremost bullion traders and fabricators who oversaw the market by accrediting precious metal refiners to the London good delivery list. Only those refiners that met the quality and purity criteria set down by the “LGD” list were allowed to enter the London bullion market. Today, more than 135 companies, which include some of the largest precious metal refiners, storage providers, manufacturers and bullion traders, are members of the London bullion market association. They all form part of the LBMA, the world’s most respected and trusted international authority that monitors the production and refining process of gold and silver bullion. LBMA’s primary role is to manage the good delivery list which is today the international standard for the quality and assaying of gold and silver bars. PAMP has been an LMBA member since 1987.

Manufacturer Thickness Width Length Fineness Bar weight in grams Gold weight in Troy ounces
PAMP Fortuna 0 mm 0 mm 0 mm 999.9 1.0000 g 0.03

The obverse of the 1 gram gold bar portrays a beautiful polished motif of the roman goddess of fortune. The surfaces around the motif have a mirror-like finish.
At the top of the gold bar is PAMP’s official stamp and the text “Suisse”. The center of the bar reads weight, “fine gold”, and “999.9” implying 99.99% pure gold. At the bottom of the bar is the assayer’s stamp, which guarantees the purity of the gold bar and the unique serial number.
The gold bullion bar comes in sealed transparent tamper-proof protective packaging. for larger orders, multiples of 25 are available in original factory hard plastic boxes. The front color of the packaging is navy blue, while the back is white.
Certificate of authenticity:
The corresponding weight, gold fineness, unique serial number and assayer’s signature that is visible on the reverse of the gold bar is likewise printed on the back of the packaging. Thus, the package also functions as a signed certificate of authenticity.

The PAMP gold bullion bar contains 99.99% pure gold. this means that the bar is exclusively made of pure gold and is free of metallic impurities. 

Your order is fully insured and delivered by Pocztex. The package is usually shipped the same day or the next working day after we receive your payment. Your order will arrive at the local post office the day after. If you wish, you can also personally pick up your order in our store the same day we receive your payment. In cases where we are unable to send your order right away, we will always inform you about the time delay.

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