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Withdrawn currencies and old banknotes

More than 30 years of experience in the financial sector made us realize that every bill has its value – even old or withdrawn currencies are important to us. Due to that, shortly after launching our business, we decided to expand our offer and introduced the purchase of withdrawn currencies. So if there are withdrawn kroner, old pounds, or francs from the previous series lying at the bottom of your drawer, you can exchange them with us without any problems.

Skup walut wycofanych z obiegu Warszawa

Buying back withdrawn currencies

The exchange of an old series of banknotes is most often ordered by a decision of the government of a country as a result of more or less foreseen economic and economic turmoil. Sometimes the decision to exchange is made preemptively, in order to protect the money from counterfeiters. New series of money have the most up-to-date security features, which make it much more difficult to counterfeit currency. Regardless of the reason for exchange, such a procedure naturally involves certain reservations and difficulties for citizens, such as the urgent need to find out where in our city there is a purchase of withdrawn currency.

Citizens naturally begin to wonder about the future of their wallets. This is primarily due to the fact that the old currency becomes out of circulation and can no longer be used. Do withdrawn banknotes, such as a withdrawn franc or withdrawn krone, become useless? Does this mean that in pockets, instead of full-value money, all that is left is some…. Paper?

Embarrassment, often nervousness, and panicky searches for the purchase of withdrawn currencies arise, because hard-earned money, regardless of why we have it in a foreign currency, often has considerable significance for our continued existence.

Buying withdrawn currencies

Maximum easy, safe and favorable old currency exchange at Tavex. We carry out a repurchase of withdrawn currencies at any of our stationary branches – we accept withdrawn francs, withdrawn pounds, withdrawn kroner, and about 50 other currencies.

The exchange of old currencies is carried out in the most comfortable conditions. The entire transaction of buying withdrawn banknotes from circulation…

  • Starting from bringing them to the branch;
  • Through valuation by professionally trained staff;
  • All the way to the transfer of the amount due to your account or cash in hand…takes no more than a dozen minutes.

Buying old banknotes

We assure you that we will make a free valuation and undertake the purchase of any currency brought to us. We offer probably the best purchase prices in Poland – you can find a detailed offer in the table below, where withdrawn from circulation currencies and their purchase prices are listed.

Service – old banknotes or currency withdrawn  Purchase price – exchange rates at the purchase
Buying back withdrawn francs – old Swiss francs -10% from the standard purchase price*
Buying withdrawn pounds – old British pounds -5% from the standard purchase price
Buying back withdrawn kroner – old Norwegian kroner -0.04 PLN from the standard purchase price
Buying back withdrawn kroner – old Danish kroner -15% from the standard purchase price
Buying back withdrawn pounds – old Scottish pounds -5% on the standard buying price of the British pound
Buying old francs – old Belgian francs -25% from market value
Buying old marks – Deutsche Marks -15% from market value
Buying back withdrawn forints – old Hungarian forints -15% from the standard purchase price
Buying old dollars – old Australian dollars, Canadian dollars -15% from the standard purchase price
Buyback of withdrawn dollars – withdrawn US dollars, damaged USD banknotes Banknotes withdrawn: -10% from market value
Damaged banknotes are valued only in person
Other – old Lithuanian litas, Latvian lats, and Estonian kroons -15% from market value

*If you have withdrawn Swiss francs of 1,000 or more – you will receive a better rate than the one shown above.

Please note that the repurchase of withdrawn Swedish kronor is no longer carried out. If you have another currency that is not in the table above, it is worth contacting us to verify whether we will be able to buy it back from you at this time.

The old, withdrawn Swiss franc

Last year we mentioned the withdrawal of the 8th series of CHF. Officially, the old Swiss francs were valid until April 30th, 2021. With this announcement, the old franc lost its legal tender status. The withdrawn Swiss franc was replaced by the 9th series, using the “many faces of Switzerland” theme.

Wycofany frank szwajcarski 10Wycofany frank szwajcarski 20Wycofany frank szwajcarski 50
Wycofany frank szwajcarski 100Wycofany frank szwajcarski 200Wycofany frank szwajcarski 1000

Where to sell old francs? Buying withdrawn Swiss francs

Where to sell old Swiss francs was one of the most popular questions last year. In Poland, naturally, the answer was Tavex –as soon as the information about the withdrawal of the 8th series was communicated, we started buying the withdrawn Swiss francs.

If you are looking for a place where to sell recalled Swiss francs, we invite you to visit one of our branches. We offer to buy francs at -10% from the standard purchase price – you can check the current rate on the CHF sub-page and if you have at least 1,000 withdrawn Swiss francs, you will receive even more favorable exchange rates. If you have any doubts, please contact our Customer Support Team.

The old withdrawn British pound

The old British pound ceased to be legal tender gradually:

  • The old pound fifties first appeared in 1994, but they were finally withdrawn as of April 30, 2014.
  • The withdrawn British pound twenty first appeared on June 22, 1999, and could be used until 2010.
  • The old pound ten was first issued on November 7, 2000, and the date of the last issue was in 2016 – the bill ceased to be legal tender on March 1, 2018.
  • The withdrawn British pound with a denomination of 5 debuted in 2002 and ended its adventure in 2016 – legal tender has not been since July 2017.

Where to sell old pounds? Buying withdrawn British pounds

If the old British pounds find their way into your wallet early enough, you will find the answer to the question of where to sell your old British pounds in time – although in principle it is prepared “on a tray”, because our offer also includes the purchase of withdrawn British pounds. Currently, we are buying pounds at -5% of the standard buying price, and you can check the current rate on the GBP sub-page. If you have more questions about where to sell withdrawn GBP, please ask our Customer Support Team.

Stare 10 funtów wycofane z obiegu Stare 20 funtów wycofane z obiegu Stare 50 funtów wycofane z obiegu

The old, withdrawn Norwegian krone

Norway is one of the most popular destinations to which hundreds of Poles emigrate every year, seeking better living conditions or further professional challenges themselves. This wealthy country in the north of Europe, known for its strong and sensibly built economy, is successively introducing new series of banknotes. One of the most recent changes in the new Norwegian krone with a denomination of 500, which was introduced in 2018 – thus the withdrawn Norwegian krone lost its legal tender status.

Wycofana korona norweskaWycofana korona norweska 500

Wycofana korona norweska 100Wycofana korona norweska 1000

Wycofana korona norweska 200Wycofana korona norweska stara

Stara wycofana koronaNorweska korona wycofana z obiegu

Where to sell old kroner? Buying withdrawn Norwegian kroner

As a result of the change, the old Norwegian krone 500 denomination was withdrawn in October 2019. As with any such change, NOK bill holders began to wonder where to sell their old Norwegian kroner and whether the withdrawn kroner was still worth anything at all.

If you are also in this situation, relax – the old krone has not remained useless! However, in order to be 100% sure that it still has value, visit one of our branches in Poland, where we conduct a buyback of withdrawn Norwegian kroner.. At this moment, for buying kroner we can offer you -0.04 PLN from the standard buying price. You can check the current rate here.

New Norwegian krone 500 NOK

The new banknote is primarily a refreshed look. Thus, the old 500 NOK has been replaced by a banknote depicting a sailboat sailing on the sea, which seawaters are inevitably associated with as part of the Norwegian economy. The new Norwegian krone, introduced by Norges Bank looks like this:

Wycofane korony norweskie – banknot nowe 500 NOK

Repurchase of withdrawn banknotes

Do you want to exchange old, withdrawn banknotes, but have additional questions before the transaction? If you have old Norwegian Kroner, old British Pounds, or old Swiss Francs in your pocket, don’t hesitate and contact us via chat, send an email to, or call the hotline available at 22 114 00 20 or directly to the branch of your choice.

In response to numerous questions, we would like to kindly inform you that exchanges are not made online or by courier, but only in our branches in Gdynia, Katowice, Lublin, Łódź, Poznań, Warsaw, and Wrocław. Naturally, we only purchase withdrawn banknotes during branch business hours.

To questions like “until when can I exchange old British pounds” or “how much time do I have to exchange withdrawn Norwegian kroner” we answer straightforwardly – the exchange can be made as long as the information about the specific currency is visible in the table on this subpage. So, if for any reason you can’t visit us anytime soon, and the need to obtain the current currency is not very urgent, we recommend keeping the old bills. This way you will carry out the exchange simply “by the way” and at probably the best possible rate on the Polish market!