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Terms and Conditions

By ordering products at the customer thereby accepts the following conditions.


An order placed with is considered an intention to buy the specified product at the given price. Upon placing an order the customer will automatically receive an invoice and can subsequently transfer the money.

The order is finalized after the money has been transferred to the account of Tavex.

The money must be transferred on a workday within 1 hour of placing the order. During days off or public holidays (i.e. bank holidays) all transfers made by 08.00 on the next bank day are deemed to have been made within the 1-hour time limit.

Upon making the transfer to Tavex’s account, the customer may pick up the product at a suitable outlet. Should the ordered product be out of stock at the given outlet, Tavex will contact the customer in order to specify the conditions of delivery.

The given delivery prices apply only if package is delivered within Poland. Delivery conditions and prices to abroad are agreed case by case. Please contact us by telephone +48 22 114 00 20 or e-mail


The customer retains the right to cancel an order until payment to Tavex account.

The order will be automatically cancelled should the customer fail to make a timely transfer.

Tavex retains the right to annul the order should the sale of products become impossible due to extraordinary circumstances and will reimburse the customer immediately for services paid. Potential reasons for cancelling an order are the following:

  • computer breakdown, causing disturbances to the data on product prices and stocks
  • problems with delivery – when the ordered products do not arrive as scheduled
  • extraordinary situations on the world market, causing major changes in the price of gold
  • Upon cancellation of an order, Tavex shall contact the customer in order to specify new terms and conditions or immediately return all funds transferred by the customer.


    All prices are in Polish zlot (PLN). In case you wish to make the payment in any other currency please call +48 22 114 00 20 or send an e-mail to in order to specify currency exchange rates or other terms and conditions.


    Tavex needs customer data in order to contact the customer should it be necessary to notify the customer about things concerning their order or make other specifications. For example if the outlet preferred by the customer is not sufficiently stocked the data allows Tavex to specify the time of delivery or another outlet, thereby saving the customer’s time. Tavex shall not pass on customer data to third parties.


    For all questions concerning the use of our online-shop please call +48 22 114 00 20 or send an e-mail to