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Have you decided to buy gold coins or bars and now it is high time to cash them in? Do you have a gold chain or ring that you no longer wear? Or maybe you just need a cash injection? If so, it is high time to visit Tavex Gold Buying section!
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About Purities
14K (585°) is the most common purity for gold jewellery.

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Are the prices in my order fixed?

All the prices in the order are fixed as long as you pay your order in one hour. We accept the time delay for transfers between different banks.

Can I exchange coins at Tavex?

We buy at rates lower than standard EUR coins (-15%) and GBP coins (-25%). We purchase coins of other currencies available in the offer at a rate of -50% of the standard purchase price.

Can someone else pay for my order?

The orderer, the payer and the recipient must be the same person, whether you pay by bank transfer or a debit card / credit card.

Scrap Gold
We Buy (Up to)
1 gram of 375 (9K) gold
1 gram of 585 (14K) gold
1 gram of 750 (18K) gold
1 gram of 900 gold (coins)
1 gram of 917 gold (coins)
1 gram of 999 gold (coins)
Scrap Silver
We Buy (Up to)

Why sell gold and silver to Tavex?
  • You get the best price
  • Friendly service across Europe
  • You get instant payout

Buying gold

On the Polish market, there are plenty of active entities which buy gold – from online bargain hunters, through exchange offices, pawn shops and jewelry shops, to professional dealers of precious metals. Therefore, before making a decision to sell gold you should consider which choice will be the most optimal and satisfactory from the perspective of the product owner so that buying gold will ultimately be a pleasantly memorable transaction.

From the very beginning, it is worth excluding most small exchange offices, pawnbrokers and jewelers. The sale of bullion at these entities is often burdened with their high margin. In other words, the offered price is usually from several to even a dozen or so percent lower than the market price – it is enough to check on the Internet how much a gram of gold costs in a pawnshop. Of course, the advantage of this solution is that buying gold in such places will require practically no commitment, because each of these companies, sensing potential profit, will gladly serve you.

Gold buying price

Keeping the above in mind, it is suggested to narrow down your search to professional precious metals dealers in order to choose the best available gold purchase. Selling at an entity specialized in trading metals is not only a good gold purchase price but also a guarantee of the highest transaction security. Dealers are experienced in working strictly with precious metals and have professional equipment for their verification, which makes buying gold even more efficient than for example in a pawnshop.

In order to clarify what is the price of gold purchase, the greatest ally is undoubtedly the Internet. This is because a vast majority of entities conducting gold purchases are present on the web today. On their official websites, you will mostly find information, where it is clear how much a particular entity will be able to offer for a chosen product at a given moment. This is a very convenient solution because even before leaving home you will know what the gold purchase price is likely to be.

Buying gold pricelist

If you want to get to know, how much you can get for gold jewelry or gold scrap at Tavex, you can use our calculator or check the data in the table. You will find them at the top of this page.

If you selling a gold coin or gold bar, you can use our search and check if we have that product in our offer and then check the price of buying gold at each product website. If your coin or gold bar is not in our offer then please check the calculator for buying gold.

How buying gold look like at Tavex?

In our branches, you will easily sell gold in any form (excluding dirty dental gold or gold dust). Gold must be at least 375, which is 9k gold. You will find us almost anywhere in Poland – Warsaw, Gdynia, Lublin, Wrocław, Poznań, Katowice we are waiting for you and every gold transaction. Thanks to that everyone in the country can see how attractive our gold price is in Tavex. 

Whenever you will visit us personally, the transaction will be conducted each time in the same way:

  1. We will verify the purity of gold using specialized instruments.
  2. We will price the items, taking into account all the important parameters which have an impact on the final transaction amount.
  3. We will pay for the items – depending on your preference, we can pay the amount due directly in cash or by bank transfer to an indicated bank account number.

So if you are looking for an answer to the question “how does buy gold look like”, you cannot ignore the personal issues that need to be met in order for the transaction to take place at all. According to this, if you are selling gold, you must:

  • be at least 18 years of age;
  • have a valid identity document with you;
  • be the beneficial owner of the bullion;
  • have an unrestricted right to transfer ownership.

To make the transactions as comfortable as possible, there is one or more locked cash desks in each of our branches, which cannot be accessed from the outside without being let in by a member of staff, and where all gold transactions take place. So whether you just want to know what the going rate is, or you want to sell scrap gold, a gold coin, or a gold bar, you don’t have to worry about the comfort and security of the transaction.

Please note that currently, we buy gold only in stationary branches, which means it is not possible to send us the products via courier.

Price of scrap gold sample 585

The next question is: how much does a gram of gold cost in scrap? For instance, let’s look at the price of a scrap of 585 gold (or in other words, the price of a scrap of 14K gold). If you know that your ring was made with 14K gold you can easily calculate that it is 58.3% pure gold – the highest percentage is 24 carats so you just divide 14 by 24 and multiply by 100%. Now, if you are only interested in how much a gram of gold costs in scrap, just look at the table at the top of this page. You will easily find the price of 14K gold scrap per gram of bullion.
It is rare, that we sell a product weighing just 1 gram – most often we make much larger transactions. So as an example, let’s assume that the ring in question weighs 10 grams. Now that you know what is gold buying price per gram 585, you can now multiply the weight of the product by the resulting 14K gold price yourself, or you can make your life easier by using the special calculator at the top of this page.

Keep in mind that scrap gold buying is based on market value only and does not take into account things like the appearance of the 14-carat ring or the stone used to decorate it. These factors are strictly subjective and may be important to the owner of the product or in the case of a secondary market sale, but a precious metals dealer or pawn shop will ignore them in the valuation.

Buying gold coins and gold bars

We mentioned earlier that scrap gold is a term used to describe products intended for further melting. This naturally includes gold bars and bullion coins, but it is good to know that for some products – the most popular ones – we are able to offer a better price than the standard ones.
For instance, at the time of writing this, June 2022:

  • for a one-ounce Valcambi bar – provided it was in an intact CertiPack – we could offer 7,905.00 PLN;
  • at the same time for the bar Heraeus, which we do not have in our offer, it was 7 684,00 PLN;
  • in the case of a bar without CertiPack, the buyer would receive the amount applicable to the purchase price of scrap 24-carat gold, PLN 7,478.00.

Coin buying is based on slightly different principles – the condition of a given product plays the first fiddle, and of course, the better it is, the better price we will offer.



How to sell precious metals to Tavex?

Use calculator

Enter as much information as you have on your products and see a rough price estimate instantly.

Visit the office

Once you find a suitable deal visit one of our offices to get your items valued by Tavex expert.

Get instant payout

After the valuation of your items we offer instant payout. The process is fast, transparent and convenient.