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Tavex – Exchange Office in Warsaw Center

Are you interested in currency exchange in Warsaw? Are you looking for an exchange office that will offer you the most favorable exchange rates? Tavex is a really great choice – we probably have the most competitive exchange rates in Warsaw. We are also the most frequently rated currency exchange company in the capital – we invite you to the subpage with opinions (only in polish), where you can familiarize yourself with the assessments of our clients. Check us in person!

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Money Exchange in Warsaw

Our new website is not only the design itself, but it also brings more possibilities provided in the interest of our clients’ positive experiences. We are not just a stereotypical Currency Exchange Office in Warsaw. In addition to the traditional (personal) currency exchange in office, we provide you with:

  • telephone or internet booking of currency and collectioning it in person;
  • delivering your currency by courier to your home;
  • transfering money worldwide, just in a few minutes!


Currency Exchange in Warsaw

Tavex offers you the widest choice of currencies in the whole Warsaw. We provide you with nearly 60 currencies – including the most exotic and desirable ones, such as Qatari riyal or Kenyan shilling, that are hard to find anywhere else in Poland! In addition to the largest choice of currencies among other Exchange Offices, we stand out with constant availability of all of the currencies, in any amount and with attractive booking options and extremely competitive exchange rates.


Promotional exchange rates for large transactions

If you plan to buy or sell a large sum of money, which means that you want to make a currency exchange transaction with a value exceeding 4,000 PLN, then we can offer you a better price than it results from the current pricelist! You can get to know a special course for a large transaction at any time by contacting us using telephone number +48 22 114 00 20, as well as via the @TavexPolska profile on Facebook. The exchange rates shown on our website are always up-to-date and are also valid for transactions made in our office in Warsaw, Świętokrzyska 32. Currency rates are automatically refreshed every 5 minutes.


Tavex – Your Currency Exchange Partner in the center of Warsaw

We cordially invite you to visit our currency exchange office named Tavex, which is located in the center of Warsaw at Świętokrzyska 32 Street (opposite the Palace of Culture and Science, the leg between Emilii Plater Street and Marszałkowska Street). For those of you who can not visit our office personally, Tavex also offers a currency delivering by courier. If you have old banknotes that are withdrawn from circulation, we can buy them back from you. We are waiting for you from Monday to Friday from 9-20 and on Saturdays between 10-15, so please feel free to visit us and exchange money in Warsaw!

tavex-kantor-warszawa-oddzial-centrum-swietokrzyska tavex-kantor-centrum-warszawa-oddzial-swietokrzyska

Popular questions

Are the prices in my order fixed?

All the prices in the order are fixed as long as you pay your order in one hour. We accept the time delay for transfers between different banks.

Can I exchange coins at Tavex?

We accept all Polish coins, EUR, GBP, DKK, SEK and NOK. We are not able to exchange other denominations or other currencies.

Can I order products with the stock status “arrival unknown”?

The products with the stock status “arrival unknown” are not possible to order on your own in the web shop. We recommend you to contact us on +48 22 114 00 20 or about a possible order

Can someone else pay for my order?

The orderer, the payer and the recipient must be the same person, whether you pay by bank transfer or a debit card / credit card.

Can Tavex send currencies by mail to me?

We are not able to send currencies to you at the moment, we may only exchange at our store at Świętokrzyska 32 i Warsaw. Should the opportunity emerge, you will find the information about this on

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Enjoy travelling and more money

The Tavex Group has offices in 9 European countries. During the trip, visit one of the 30 offices in Northern and Central Europe and discover probably the most profitable currency exchange option!

The nearest Tavex office for you is Warsaw, Świętokrzyska

Contact us Tel: +48 22 114 00 20