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Gift wrapping – how to pack gold for a gift?

There’s nothing more beautiful than giving a special gift and seeing a smile come to the lips of a loved one. And although the prevailing beliefs are that “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” and that “it’s the thought that counts”, when it comes to gifts the first impression is just as important. The right gift wrapping underlines the uniqueness and individuality of the gift. It will therefore be the final touch ” to steal the heart of the recipient and make him or she remember the celebration forever!

Pakowanie na prezent – jak zapakować złoto na prezent?

How to wrap gold for a gift?

Now that we know that an original gift – which gold undoubtedly is – requires equally unique packaging, the question is, how to wrap gold for a gift? The first thing that comes to mind is certainly classic solutions, such as:

  • gift bag,
  • decorative paper,
  • a simple envelope.

However, remember how unique gold is, it seems that none of these packaging options quite corresponds to the elegance of this product…

Gift packaging to emphasize its uniqueness

Our latest service called “Gift wrapping” is a proposal for an elegant black box with a gold shimmering crown, which perfectly matches the exquisite character of a gold or silver bar!

The outer material of the gift box is made from canvas dyed black. The inside of the box is padded with a slightly shiny foam, also in black, which additionally secures the gift and prevents it from moving. In the center, there is a precise recess measuring 84 mm by 52 mm, which is perfectly adapted to accommodate one bar in a standard CertiCard (CertiPack).

Or maybe your choice is a gold coin? In this case, we also would like to help you by offering you a stylish NOBILE box. A gold coin wrapped in it will undoubtedly make your gift unique and bring a smile to the recipient.

The high-quality outer material of the box has a texture reminiscent of leather. In the center of the black velour-lined interior of the box, there is a precise recess for a transparent square capsule measuring 50 x 50 x 6.25 mm. It restricts the movement of the gold or silver and thus provides additional protection for the gift – its dimensions are perfectly adapted to accommodate a single coin.

How to use the gift wrapping service?

First, select the product you are interested in and add it to your cart. In the preview of the basket or directly on its page, just under the selected product, you will see the option “Add packaging”, clicking which the basket will be reloaded and its contents will be increased by a TAVEX gift box for PLN 29.99 or a NOBILE box for PLN 49.99. If you wish to buy more than one bar or coin, you will be able to increase the number of boxes you order at this stage.

An alternative method of purchasing a box alone, without a bar or coin for a gift, is to go to the “Accessories” tab, manually find the box you are interested in, then add it to your basket and complete the transaction.

Pakowanie na prezent – pudełko prezentowe TAVEX czarne ze złotym logo

Opakowanie na prezent – pudełko prezentowe TAVEX na 1 sztabkę