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Imoje ING payment method – pay for your order instantly!

When paying for your order by bank transfer are you worried about the correctness of the account number? Do you value your choice of payment method? Or maybe for you “time is money” and the speed with which you complete the transaction comes first? If the answer to at least one of the above questions is “yes”, then it is necessary to get acquainted with the newest solution offered by our online shop – Imoje ING payments.

Safe as… in a bank! Imoje ING

ING’s Imoje is a relatively ‘fresh’ solution on the online payment market, though one that is growing in popularity with each passing month. Imoje is the first payment method in Poland created with online shop clients in mind, offered by ING Bank Śląski, and with a security guarantee confirmed by a PCI DSS certificate. Imoje online payments allow paying for orders using the most popular methods, such as immediate transfer (e-transfer) or BLIK.

How do I use the Imoje payment method?

Making payments through Imoje is extremely easy! After adding the products you are interested into the basket and filling in the necessary personal information, in the step “Select a payment method (…)” you have to click on the window “Immediate transfer from Imoje” (the default option selected is “Standard bank transfer”, for which you have to order the transfer yourself).

Method of payments – Imoje

Then, after confirming the order, we will be automatically redirected to the website – Imoje payment gateway, through which we can make payment for the order. Here, in the first place, we should check the correctness of the transaction data, which are visible in the column on the right, i.e. whether:

  • the amount for the order, given next to the word “Amount”, is correct;
  • the buyer’s personal details, i.e. name, surname, and e-mail address, placed under the inscription “Buyer”, are correct;
  • the recipient of the payment, which is marked under “Payment for”, is indeed the webshop.

We should also read the “Terms and Conditions of Imoje” and the “Information on personal data of Imoje”, and as proof of this fact confirm it by clicking on the white square next to “I declare that I have read and accepted (…)”.

Frequently asked questions for Imoje payments

  1. Is using Imoje connected with additional costs?
    Yes – using Imoje is connected with an extra fee of 0.45% of the order value, i.e. the value of products in the cart (not including the delivery costs).
  2. Do I have to have an account with ING Bank Śląski to use Imoje?
    No – to use Imoje, you don’t have to have an account with ING Bank Śląski. As in the case of other competitive options, e.g. PayU, Przelewy24, or DotPay, which are backed by the companies that created those solutions, ING Bank Śląski is only the creator of the Imoje system. What’s more, our online shop offers two payment methods using Imoje, i.e. using a BLIK code (from any bank that allows you to generate a code) and making an instant transfer (from the following banks: ING Bank Śląski, mBank, Santander Bank, Bank Pekao, Getin Bank, Noble Bank, Idea Bank, Credit Agricole, Alior Bank, Bank Nowy BFG S.A. Millennium Bank, Citi Handlowy, BOŚ Bank, BNP Paribas, Bank Pocztowy, Plus Bank, SGB, Bank Spółdzielczy w Brodnicy, Nest Bank or Envelo Bank).
  3. Why is an additional fee charged for Imoje services?
    The fee is charged by the provider of the payment method (Imoje) and is connected with the transaction service. All the solutions available on the market which enable immediate payments are inseparable from additional costs, which usually amount to 1-2% of the order value. In the case of our online shop, Imoje payments charge only 0.45% of the order value, which is one of the cheapest solutions – if not the cheapest – available among precious metals dealers.
  4. What should I do if the Imoje payment is not processed?
    If you encounter any technical difficulties while making the payment and ultimately fail to complete the process, don’t worry – nothing is lost! Just after you click the “Confirm order” button in our online shop, and immediately before you are redirected to the payment gateway, two messages will be sent to the email address you provided in your order: “Order confirmation (…)” sent from us, containing all the details of the transaction, including, among other things, the transaction number, the products selected or the amount due to us, and “Check payment status” sent from Imoje, where you will find, among other things, the option to return to the payment gateway and thus re-pay. If the process still cannot be completed with Imoje, you can simply make a standard bank transfer, i.e. order the transfer manually via your online banking – you will find our bank account numbers in the attachment to the “Order confirmation” sent by us. In this situation, it is additionally worth contacting us and informing us that the Imoje payment was not made, but the order was paid in the traditional way.

How does the Imoje payment method work in Tavex?

Below are some hypothetical examples to better illustrate Imoje’s mechanism.

1st Example

Our customer Jan wanted to buy 1 gram Tavex gold bar. When he added the product to his shopping cart it cost exactly 284,00 PLN.

Obverse of 1 gram Tavex Gold Bar In Stock

1 gram Tavex Gold Bar

We sell 1+ 334,00 zł 315 315,00 315 315,00 315 315,00 334 334,00 332 332,00 331 331,00
We sell 331,00 zł 315 315,00 315 315,00 315 315,00 334 334,00 332 332,00 331 331,00
We buy 315,00
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After completing the information necessary to finish the transaction our customer decided to pick up the bar in person at the branch of his choice, so that he does not pay for the delivery of the product, and in addition that Jan will use the Imoje payment method. Therefore at the last stage of placing the order he selected the option “Immediate transfer from Imoje”. At that moment, our customer noticed in the “Order summary” visible in the column on the right, that the additional transaction fee for Imoje will only be 1.28 PLN!

This means that the final amount he paid for the whole order was 285.28 PLN.

 2nd Example

Our client Anna planned a week’s vacation in Croatia, and because of that she needed to buy local currency – she decided to buy 1600 Croatian kuna. When she added the currency to the basket, for 1600 HRK she would pay exactly 1003,20 PLN. However, the order was to be delivered by courier to a given address, so the delivery cost of 20,00 PLN had to be added to the order amount, which made 1036,00 PLN.

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