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Gold for a communion gift – what to buy for a communion gift?

Published by Gabriela Kozien in category Investment guides on 25.05.2022
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Gift Ideas for First Holy Communion

First Holy Communion is one of the most memorable events in everyone’s life. Although it is not the gift that makes it so special, there is no doubt that each of us makes sure that our gift is unique and outstanding.

Nowadays, gifts for Communion, such as a bicycle or a traditional watch, are becoming more and more forgotten in favor of electronic gadgets, which are in no way associated with this event. Therefore, it is quite a challenge to find a gift that will not only stay in the child’s memory for a long time but also will correspond with the solemn character of the Communion. If you are facing the choice of what gift to buy for the First Communion, you have come to the right place – we will be happy to answer your question on what to buy for the Communion!

What gift to buy for Communion? Original First Communion gifts

What gift for the First Communion would be better – cash or something else? And another question is how much money should I give? And if present, then how worthy? That is one of many questions that appeared in someone’s head, who face with what to buy for great holy Communion? For those who feel lost, we will try to help with our idea which is… investment gold as a gift!

How to choose a gift for communion? Gold for a communion gift!

Gold as a gift for Communion would be the perfect solution for those, who are looking for something special that will be suitable for the religious event and also one of the most memorable gifts. The fact is that cash is nothing special and what is more it can be spent on unnecessary things immediately.  Even if parents decide to give so through many years value of the cash will be fallen due to for example inflation. The same situation is for electronic devices, which may be useful for a couple of years but after all those will be exchanged for a newer model. Due to that investment gold is something unique and original gift. What is more, gold has its own value which will never pass away.

Gift for communion – a gold coin or a gold bar

Gift for the first communion – gold gift

While some may find gold a more interesting way to give cash, few parents decide to cash it in right after the ceremony. They wait until the child is of age to decide whether to cash in the investment or leave a memento of the event. This is where another advantage of gold comes into play – while cash loses value over time, a gold communion gift retains its value over time. So when you resell it a few years later, the gold coin or bar will be worth at least as much as it was on the day of communion!
The second important point in favor of choosing gold as a communion gift is that in the future it may become the seed of a young person’s love of investing. Undoubtedly, the aesthetic value of gold arouses in us the desire to own it, to know the history of the precious metal. And learning about the history of gold raises new questions, encourages to broaden horizons, and as a result, contributes to the formation of financial consciousness of a person entering the adult life. So a communion gift given a few years earlier can do a lot of good to the approach to precious things.

Investment gold for communion – what to choose?

In order not to end up with an envelope full of banknotes, it’s worth answering the question of what gold to buy for the First Communion gift. To make it easier for you, we have prepared a list of products that will help you make a decision and dispel your doubts about what to give for the First Communion.

What to buy for First Holy Communion? Communion gift for every pocket!

A common stereotype about gold is that it is not a gift for every pocket. It results mainly from the fact that gold is associated with something precious that only a few can afford to buy. While the first part concerning the value of gold is undoubtedly agreeable, the second part is not entirely true. The unprecedented growth of interest in gold observed over the recent years made bullion producers extend their offer, which resulted in the fact that the market now offers products as small as 1g. As a result, gold has become a good that everyone can afford when considering a gift for communion. Therefore, before deciding what to buy for the First Communion, it is worth precisely determining the budget we want to allocate for the gift.

Gold bar as a first communion gift – present up to 500 PLN

Our first suggestion for a Communion gift is our 1 gram Tavex bar. Made of the purest gold by the LBMA accredited Nadir Metal Refinery mint, the bar impresses with its aesthetic values, which perfectly highlight the beauty of the gold bullion. The motif of a crown shown on the bar perfectly reflects the unique nature of the event, which is communion. A gold bar for the First Communion will be a perfect first step toward taking care of the financial future of a young man. An alternative to our company’s bar are products of world-renowned mints PAMP and Valcambi, which will also be an excellent idea for a gift for the First Communion up to 500 PLN.

Złota sztabka Tavex – 1 g złota In Stock

1 gram Tavex Gold Bar

We sell 1+ 295,00 zł 281 281,00 281 281,00 281 281,00 295 295,00 294 294,00 293 293,00
We sell 293,00 zł 281 281,00 281 281,00 281 281,00 295 295,00 294 294,00 293 293,00
We buy 281,00
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The PAMP 1g bar with the motif of the Roman goddess, Fortune, is characterized by above-average aesthetics and precision of manufacture. The interesting way of presenting the main motif may prove to be an impulse for the gifted child to take an interest in the history of ancient Roman beliefs. The bar was made from gold of the highest purity by the LBMA-accredited PAMP mint located in Switzerland.

1 gram PAMP gold bar with Fortuna available for purchase In Stock

1 gram PAMP Fortuna Gold Bars

We sell 1+ 349,00 zł 282 282,00 282 282,00 349 349,00 343 343,00
We sell 343,00 zł 282 282,00 282 282,00 349 349,00 343 343,00
We buy 282,00
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The Valcambi 1g bar features a simpler design, although the bar’s design is just as stunning as the PAMP mint’s. It will be an excellent choice for those who appreciate minimalism. The Valcambi bar is also made from the highest purity gold, which means that it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also has investment value.

1g Valcambi Suisse Gold Bar In Stock

1 g Valcambi Suisse Gold Bars

We sell 1+ 341,00 zł 293 293,00 295 295,00 341 341,00 338 338,00
We sell 338,00 zł 293 293,00 295 295,00 341 341,00 338 338,00
We buy 293,00
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Our next and last suggestion for a Communion gift up to 500 PLN is the Golden Vienna Philharmonic – 1/25 ounce of gold. The coin will be a perfect gift for a young musician and perhaps it will become a motivation for him to visit the Vienna Philharmonic capital in the future.

1/25 oz Austrian Philharmonic gold coin In Stock

1/25 oz Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin

We sell 431,00 zł 364 364,00 431 431,00
We buy 364,00
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First communion gifts up to 1000 PLN

Going forward, let’s take a look at products that will be perfect as a communion gift up to 1000 PLN. In this case, we also recommend gold bars from PAMP and Valcambi, which are slightly larger, for example, 2.5-gram equivalents of the products mentioned above.

Valcambi Suisse 2.5 g gold bars available for purcase In Stock

2.5 gram Valcambi Suisse gold bar

We sell 759,00 zł 679 679,00 759 759,00
We buy 679,00
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PAMP Fortuna is a well-known Swiss investment gold bar In Stock

2.5 gram PAMP Fortuna Gold Bars

We sell 792,00 zł 689 689,00 792 792,00
We buy 689,00
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In this category, you should also consider purchasing the most popular 1/10 oz gold bullion coins in this price category, which include:

Check our gold gift ideas

Communion gifts up to 2000 PLN

Our first proposal for a Communion gift up to 2000 PLN is a Pamp 5-gram bar with a cross motif, which perfectly corresponds with the sacred character of this event. The PAMP Cross gold bar is yet another example of quality and precision encapsulated in a masterpiece of the world-renowned Swiss mint. It is made of the highest quality gold and thanks to the motif of the cross emanating with fascinating brilliance, it is currently one of the most popular communion gifts.

PAMP Fortuna is a well-known Swiss investment gold bar In Stock

5 gram PAMP Fortuna Gold Bars

We sell 1+ 1 557,00 zł 1377 1377,00 1377 1377,00 1377 1377,00 1557 1557,00 1544 1544,00 1531 1531,00
We sell 1 531,00 zł 1377 1377,00 1377 1377,00 1377 1377,00 1557 1557,00 1544 1544,00 1531 1531,00
We buy 1 377,00
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Packing gold for a communion gift. How to pack gold for communion?

A unique gift – which gold undoubtedly is – deserves an equally unique packaging. So the question is: how to pack gold for the First Communion? Gold packaging for the Communion gift should emphasize the uniqueness of the gift, therefore such ideas as a gift bag, decorative paper, or classic white envelope are basically forgotten. That is why we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our service “Gift wrapping”, which will undoubtedly distinguish your gift from others.

Gift packing – gold as a gift Tavex

Gold price (XAU-PLN)
8 273,20 PLN/oz
+ 66,91 PLN
Silver price (XAG-PLN)
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