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Top 13 tourist attractions to visit in Warsaw

Published by Aleksander in category Investment guides on 13.10.2019
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Vistula River

The Polish capital attracts many tourists every year, especially city break fans. It’s the perfect place to visit during the weekend. However, to see as much as possible, it’s good to choose places you want to see before your trip. So if you go to Warsaw soon then start your preparations by reading this article!

This city has always aroused many contradictory emotions among its residents and visitors. Some are overwhelmed by its size and fast life of people, but there are also those who see something special in this hurry. However, there are indisputable places here that every tourist must see. Let’s look at our lucky 13:

1. Palace of Culture and Science

Palace of Culture and Science

This is probably the most famous building in Warsaw. The palace is a gift received from the Soviets in the 1950s. It’s the tallest building in Poland. In addition to its size and architectural value, only few people realize that we can also find there theaters, museums, cinema and restaurants. Therefore, in addition to the role of a viewpoint, it also plays a significant role in the cultural life of Warsaw residents.

As you can see everyone can find something satisfying. For those who are curious about the panorama of Warsaw from the 30th floor, we recommend the viewpoint which is open daily from 10.00 to 20.00. It is also an ideal place for a climatic evening during winter holidays or on Valentine’s Day. Then the terrace is open longer, and all information can be found here:

If you are theater-goers, you will feel like a kids in a candy store at the Palace of Culture and Science! There are four different theaters here, which you can go to. Therefore, if you like such artistic afternoons, then the Palace tour may extend. What’s more, even those who like to dance will find a place for party in the Palace on Saturday night. So, you can spend there even half a day.

2. The Warsaw Uprising Museum

The Warsaw Uprising Museum should also be a must-see on your list. If you want to get to know Warsaw better than just admiring the charms of the Old Town, it is worth delving into the unpleasant, but very important history of this city. You can learn a lot at the Warsaw Uprising Museum, where the creators managed to convey the atmosphere of insurgent Warsaw. In the museum we will not only find out what military life looked like, but also civilians’ everyday life. What’s the most important, this is not a museum that can be called boring. This one uses modern media which help you to gain knowledge about what Warsaw looked like several decades ago. The visit to this place will give you a broader picture of reality. Exact hours openings can be found here:

3. The Royal Łazienki Museum

Royal Łazienki Museum

When you are in Warsaw, you can’t miss the walk in the gardens of the Royal Łazienki Museum. It’s the perfect option to relax after a day of sightseeing. Picturesque alleys will definitely let you forget about fatigue. There are: the oldest Royal Garden, Romantic Garden with rich flora, Modernist Garden reflecting the trends of the first half of the 20th century and the Chinese Garden based on patterns from Pekin. Gardens are only one part of the Royal Łazienki Museum, in addition you will find the Palace on the Island, the Frederic Chopin Monument and other attractions worth seeing. This whole property was once the seat of King Stanislaw August and was called “the happiest place in Warsaw”. It’s worth catching a few rays of sun here, listening to the birds singing, and even, if you are lucky enough, to caress the squirrel. Information about opening hours is available here:

4. The Old Town and Royal Castle

Old Town

Of course, we would make a faux paux if we did not put on our list a place that is a must to see in polish capital – the Old Town. This place is teeming with life – especially during the summer, when crowds of tourists walk along the streets looking at the colorful tenements. However, not only in the summer it is worth going for a walk here. There is nothing more beautiful than lights shining during the winter season, which give this place a unique atmosphere straight from the fairy tale. In addition to the beauty of the buildings, you can discover several places with Polish cuisine that are worth visiting. On your way you will also meet the Warsaw Mermaid, who is the symbol of the city, as well as the Barbican, which is part of the old Warsaw defensive walls. We suggest starting or ending the walk at the Royal Castle, which, in addition to having a good impression outside, makes it even better inside! This former property of Polish rulers hides not only apartments, but also monuments of art, including works of Rembrandt. Every art connoisseur should see them!

5. Palace in Wilanów

Getting to this place will take you a little longer, but it certainly will not be wasted time. The Wilanów Palace is an extremely neat combination of an Italian villa, a Parisian versailles and a Polish manor. Most importantly, it is one of the few monuments that was not significantly damaged during the World Wars. It was Jan III Sobieski who decided to transform the residence purchased in the 17th century into a palace. However, it did not end here! The next owners decided to add additional parts of the building. It is worth visiting this place not only because of visiting the interior of the palace, whose size and decor make an amazing impression, but also because of the garden part. While walking along the alleys, you can see how the original composition was being enlarged by subsequent owners. Thanks to this, gardens are extremely rich in various styles. This place will be perfect for longer walks and photos in the bosom of nature. Opening hours of the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace in Wilanów can be found here:

6. Hala Koszyki

Hala Koszyki is a complex of market halls erected at the turn of the 19th and 20th century in Warsaw. It is worth getting to know the history of this place, especially told by the inhabitants of this area who once used the services offered under the roof of the hall. Currently, Hala Koszyki is experiencing a revival and has become a lively point on the capital’s map again. Contrary to appearances, you will not buy baskets there, but you can eat something tasty and take part in unique cultural events organized in the premises of the Hall. It is a place with a unique atmosphere for both lunch with friends and also romantic dinner.

7. Copernicus Science Center

Another attraction cannot be missed especially by people with a passion for learning. And even if you think that you don’t have such passion, Copernicus Science Center will awaken it in you! This is a place for both older and younger. This modern science center has been created to inspire you to observe and experience. During your stay in Warsaw, be sure to come in and conduct some interesting experiments! More information is available on the official website:

8. The Vistula River

Vistula River

When you just want to chill, the ideal place will be the Vistula River, or actually Vistula Boulevards! In the summer you will meet a lot of people occupying the stairs there, as well as a wide selection of restaurants. From charming restaurants on the shore to floating barges with a party atmosphere. It is also a perfect location for many cultural events, so you will not be bored!

9. Koneser

You won’t find this point in every guidebook, but in our opinion you should find some time to stay there. Koneser, because this is what we are talking about, is a place where Praga’s social life goes on. This district is constantly evolving and it results in new services that appear here. Currently, you can go there to admire the atmospheric surroundings, eat something delicious and visit the Polish Vodka Museum, where you have the opportunity to try a traditional polish drink. However, if you are looking for accommodation, you will find there also a hotel. And soon you will be also able to visit our new office in Koneser and change the currency if you need. Sounds like a good weekend trip plan, right?

10. The National Museum

This is one of the largest museums in Poland. There is something for everyone, especially lovers of ancient art and also Italian, German and Polish paintings. There you will find permanent and temporary exhibitions. Before visiting the museum, you can check what collections you will find inside this time. Detailed information about exhibitions can be found here:

11. Presidential Palace

Presidential Palace

Strolling along Krakowskie Przedmieście it is impossible to miss the Presidential Palace, which is the home of the President of Poland and his family. The beautiful building from the 17th century has been a place of residence for aristocrats, royal families, later the prime minister and government, and then the president, as it still remains today. Many important events for the country took place in this building, including the signing of the Constitution of May 3, 1791. Its monumental appearance impresses passers-by. So let’s stop to glance at it for a moment.

12. Warsaw ZOO

In Warsaw you will also find something for fans of wild animals. You’ll meet there a sweet and adorable alpaca, as well as a dangerous but dignified tiger or lion. In addition to admiring the species gathered at the Warsaw Zoo, there are also other forms of entertainment. During your stay at the zoo, you can join the field game, which consists of searching for treasures in caches located in the facility. You can look for them with gps device. In the cache you can find many interesting items, including those left behind by other game participants, which you can take if you leave something in return. So if you want to have some fun then the zoo should be on your must-see list.

13. Zachęta – The National Art Gallery

The last but not the least important place that is worth visiting is the National Art Gallery – Zachęta. There you will find works of contemporary art of the 20th and 21st centuries. The mission of this place is to draw people’s attention to the art that surrounds us and to make it a real element of everyday life. So if you feel the soul of an artist, passionate about art or just be curious. Make sure to visit Zachęta! Exhibitions are temporary, and all information about this subject can be found here:

So don’t hesitate and plan your trip. We hope that our list will help you to make your stay in Warsaw unique!

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