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What to see in Łódź?

Published by Gabriela Kozien in category Travel guides on 20.07.2022
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What to see in Łódź?

Łódź was historically an industrial city. There are many fascinating and beautiful things to see in the city, whether you prefer shopping, visiting parks or learning more about the city’s history. It used to be one of the most dynamically developing industrial metropolises in the world, but is today gaining renewed momentum and dynamically changing its face. At the same time, it offers many interesting ways to spend your free time. We present a few suggestions on how to get a nice Łódź experience.

Check what is worth seeing in Łódź – the most frequently visited tourist sites!

what to see in Łódź - Fabryczna

Piotrkowska street

Piotrkowska, for years considered the longest shopping street in Europe, is today becoming a center of entertainment and gastronomy. It has recently undergone a comprehensive renovation and today, as an elegant public space, it attracts crowds anew. The street is decorated with beautiful townhouses and palaces, belonging to factory owners Karol Scheibler and Juliusz Heinzl, among others. At number 138, on the other hand, you will find the most fashionable place in Lodz today, namely Off Piotrkowska – a hub of creative industries, clubs, and restaurants located in an old factory. It is bustling and cheerful place, and walking down Piotrkowska Street, you can see many statues depicting figures of famous people and more. Among others, there is a statue of Artur Rubinstein and his piano, the Monument to the Three Fabricants, Uszatek Bear or Julian Tuwim.

OFF Piotrkowska Center

Łódź’s OFF is considered the most fashionable place in the city. It is the area of the former cotton factory of Franciszek Ramisch, where residents meet in the so-called OFF. The creation of this place is proof, combining the old with the modern while preserving its original atmosphere. It is a center of the creative industry art studios, combining sustainability and business.

Piotrkowska street

Łódź filmowa

Lódź is undoubtedly the Hollywood of Europe. It is where most of the post-war European productions were made. All thanks to the Feature Film Studio, colloquially known as the “dream factory,” and the famous Lodz Film School, an elite school whose graduates are the very eminent figures of the world of cinema, and the main representatives include Andrzej Wajda, Roman Polanski and Krzysztof Kieslowski. Lodz herself also often acts as an actor, as she has starred in several hundred films and TV series. Among her most important roles are the Oscar-nominated “Promised Land” or “In Darkness,” “Sexmission.”

Near the Film School is the only Museum of Cinematography in Poland. In addition, it is worth visiting the Avenue of Stars on Piotrkowska Street, which is inspired by Hollywood’s Avenue of Fame. It consists of more than 60 stars dedicated to actors, directors, cinematographers and film music creators, as well as numerous open-air movie houses. It has also hosted many film festivals over the years – the Transatlantyk Festival, the Cinergia European Cinema Forum, Filmteractive, the Theater School Festival, and the Camera Action Film Critics Festival.

Museum of Cinematography

Łódż is considered the capital of Polish cinema, the most famous film school is located here, where the most famous Polish directors, actors, and cinematographers were educated. From Łódź also comes the Polish Teddy Bear – Uszatek, the fairy tale about the Bear with the “flapped” ear, which was loved by children in Poland and around the world, was produced in Łódź. The animated series became a best-selling product of Polish Television. The museum is a must-see attraction, especially for cinema lovers, who will find photos, posters, set design elements, and many other memorabilia related to cinema. It is housed in a historic 19th-century building.

Academy of mucis in Łódź

The Academy of Music in Lodz is a factory owned by Karol Poznanski’s palace, located on Gdanska Street. It was built in 1904 for Izrael Poznanski’s son, Karol. The author of the building’s design was Adolf Zeligson. The building is designed in Neo-Renaissance style and has a representative character. Currently, the building houses the Academy of Music in Lodz, whose patrons are prominent Lodz-born artists: the famous composer and violinist Grażyna Bacewicz and Kiejstut Bacewicz, her brother, a pianist-cameralist and pedagogue, and long-time rector of the Academy. It was here, in front of the entrance to the building, that one of the most famous scenes of “The Promised Land” (dir. A. Wajda) was recorded, in which Borowiecki sobers up the completely drunk Moryc Welt.

Passage of Rose

Passage of Rose is one of the more labor-intensive works by Joanna Rajkowska, a Bydgoszcz-based artist whose inspiration for the work was her own daughter’s illness. This extremely time-consuming installation is located at 3 Piotrkowska Street, inside one of the tenement houses, all of whose walls she covered with pieces of mirrors. The immense amount of light that has invaded the dark courtyard has made this place something unusual and at the same time incongruous at first glance. However, this is only an illusion, which is due to the shattering of the mirrors, symbolizing the daughter’s diseased retina after chemotherapy. The girl can see residually after the disease, it is possible that her way of perceiving reality is also based on merging fragments of a single image into a whole. It’s up to passersby to make the effort to reassemble the fragments of reality. Passage of Roses is a project that forces us to take a comprehensive look at reality.


A trip there will require you to move a few kilometers outside the Lodz area. However, it’s worth it, because it’s the perfect place to spend a whole day with the family. Located in the Rzgów area, the Amusement Park is the first all-year-round themed facility in central Poland, ideal for families. Its designers were based on an original idea, inspired by the Renaissance times. Attractions are an integral part of the created world, and guests of Mandoria are made to feel as if they were entering a real city from centuries ago. There is something for everyone, family roller-coasters as well as classic carousels or boats floating on the water. Each is perfectly personalized and in keeping with the theme of the place.


The landmark of the complex is the distinctive red brick five-story former cotton mill. In addition to stores, Manufaktura houses an Entertainment and Recreation Center, restaurants, cafes, a Cultural Complex, an Automobile Center, and a hotel. It was formerly home to Łódź’s largest factory, the Israel Poznanski factory.

Manufaktura - what to see in Lodz

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