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How to travel around Gdynia? Prices and places

Published by Gabriela Kozien in category Travel guides on 05.08.2021
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Are you visiting Gdynia for a city break? Here is some advice on how can you make your stay in one of the most beautiful city on the Polish seaside.

Gdynia is a part of a metropolitan area called Tri-City on the coast of Poland. If you would like to visit the most attractive locations in TriCity, none of them: Gdynia, Gdańsk, or Sopot should be missed when you visiting Poland. You can rely on several means of transport! Let us discover Poland with You!

How to get to Gdynia? Useful Information

You can rely on several ways of transport:

  • The Lech Wałęsa Gdańsk International Airport,
  • Stena Line Poland,
  • Private bus like FlixBus or PKS bus,
  • PKP Polish Railway,
  • Car.

1. Airport – The Lech Walesa Gdansk International Airport

Airport gdansk lecha walesa

Gdynia as a part of the metropolitan area –  TriCity has its own Lech Wałęsa Airport which is located 25 km away from the city center of Gdańsk. It allows you to travel to around 80 destinations all over the world. It is the third biggest airport in the country, the primary in Nothern Poland. The easiest way to get to the airport is by taxi. This may cost approximately 60–70 PLN. Another option is to take public buses from the main bus terminal Gdańsk Główny. Bus line 210 of ZTM Gdansk takes 35 minutes to get to Gdansk Airport and the N3 line by night. A ticket costs 3,80 PLN.

2. Stena Line Ferries

Daily ferries from between Gdynia and Karlskrona in Sweden. The prices starts from 299 PLN for the cruise.

3. Car

TriCity is also very easy to get by car. The main roads and Line A1 Highway are pleasant for drivers. You might don’t know that there is an extra fee on the highway. You can check it here. It may take approximately 5 hours to get from north to south Poland by A1 Highway.

4. Private Bus

There are plenty of private bus carriers in Poland. One of the most common is FlixBus with the best competitive prices.

5. Train

It is so easy to discover Poland by trains with one of the fastest and comfortable trains like Pendolino. You can as well check your Client Zone and be fully mobile. The main railway station is located in the city center of Gdańsk. The station handles international calls and domestic one. TriCity is well connected with other major cities in Poland, like Warszawa, Wrocław, Kraków. You can check your tickets here.

How to move around Gdynia and TriCity?

  • Public Transport

You need to know that in Gdynia you can only use public busses, but in the whole TriCity, there are several ways of transport that you can rely on. Entire TriCity has one of the best public transport systems in Poland. The fastest and easiest way is to use the Fast Urban Railway (SKM). That special trains allow you to travel and connect all three cities: Gdynia, Sopot, and Gdańsk. What is more, the tickets are cheap and SKM may take you to the most beautiful places on the polish coast. You can easily buy them in the mobile app or in tickets machines. Zonal tickets for three days (24 hours) cost 30 PLN.

  • Uber, Taxi, Bolt

The taxis in Poland are not so expensive. The price per 1 km is about 2 PLN. You can easily order a taxi by using the mobile app or call to taxi center.

  • TriCity Cycling

In the city there are a bunch of bicycle rentals like Rent a Bike or Veloking – you can use them on a daily basis. All you have to do is download the app, pay the initial fee of 10 PLN and make sure you always have 10 PLN minimum on your account. What is more, your bike can travel for free on the SKM trains! If you are not keen on cycling, you can also try an electric scooter system call Mevo.

What are the prices in Gdynia?

The official currency in Poland is the Polish Zloty (PLN or “zł”). Currently, there are released:

  • banknotes: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 PLN;
  • coins: 1, 2, and 5 PLN;
  • coins: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 gr (1 PLN = 100 gr).

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Tavex Gdynia – our branch in the heart of TriCity

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