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Gold for a christening gift – what to buy for a christening gift?

Published by Gabriela Kozien in category Investment guides on 24.05.2022
Gold price (XAU-PLN)
9363,07 PLN/oz
- 83,86 PLN
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109,87 PLN/oz
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Złota sztabka PAMP Krzyż – 5 g złota

What is the best idea for a gift for a christening? Gold for a christening gift!

Christening is the first step to enhancing human spiritual nature. Thus, there is no surprise that such a moment in somebody’s life is a big thing. Christening has its own fundamental meaning for forming the religious identity of the newborn baby. Therefore, it is a very unique ceremony, a lot of people ask themselves, what gift would be suitable for such an occasion and finally which gift should be chosen for christening?

A gift for christening should be original but also, or maybe the most important should be a thing that brings back memories about that outstanding event, which, with no doubt, is a ceremony of christening. If you are in a position where you are looking for the best gift ideas for christening, we encourage you to read this article, in which we pointed out which gift should you choose for christening.

Gift for a christening. What gift should you choose for a christening?

In most common gift ideas for christening, from many years the cash is still one of the most popular presents. Giving cash is not something unique and it is easy to forget about it. So why do so many people decide to give so? This is because a lot of people simply do not know what to give for such an occasion, thus they choose to give an envelope.
Thus, what gift for christening choose, to enhance the truly unique moment and to make it stay in somebody’s mind for many future years, as a reminder of that impressive moment? The answer is investment gold, which may be a very unforgettable and precious gift with no limited time of value christening gift.

What to buy for christening – unique gift for a christening

At that moment, surely the new question appeared, why investment gold is a good idea for a present? The answer is really simple – the unique features of gold, cause that this is not only perfect as a refill for the investor’s portfolio but also gold is an original present, which value will never pass away.

Gold found after many years still shine so beautifully, and what is more, in plenty of cultures it is known to be compared with the symbol of divinity – what is perfect for such a sacramental occasion. There was a serious reason why three kings in Bible gave Jesus not only Mirra and incense but also gold. Therefore, gold as a gift idea is something more than just a gift. In that way, you can celebrate many years of religious tradition. That special gift with no doubt will be one of the most memorable presents at the ceremony and for you, it will be no more confusing what to buy for a christening!

Gift for a christening for girl vs gift for a christening for boy

An unquestionable advantage of gold in the role of memorable christening is the fact that it will be the perfect gift for a boy and a girl as well.  Gold is known as a universal present – choosing this type of gift makes you feel comfortable and protect you from spending too much time looking for a perfect give. No matter what if you buy investment gold for a girl, or for a boy it will equally perfect gift in both situations.

Surely, more difficult is to make a decision about gold jewelry. There is a risk that in plenty more years it will be no longer in a good taste or in fashion. So the next advantage of investment in gold is it’s own universal, and it brings not only sentimental value but also it is very practical value. Given on a day of christening a gold bar or gold bullion coin may be a good step to start an investment journey for a young human.

Tavex – gold for a baptism

What can you give as a christening gift? What to give your child as a christening gift?

Now that we know what to give as a christening gift, let’s consider what investment gold is worth choosing. As we mentioned in the previous part of the article, gold is characterized by versatility, so it will be a perfect christening gift for a girl as well as for a boy.

Investment gold – a christening gift for every pocket!

From the perspective of the person who is going to give the gift, it is extremely important that over the years gold has become a good which everyone can afford to buy – not only the most affluent people. The fact that gold products have different weights and designs makes it possible to buy such a gift for as little as 300 zlotys! Thus, investment gold for baptism will be a good choice for grandmother, godparent, but also any distant relative. As you will see in a moment, there are really a lot of possibilities and the dilemma of what to give the child for the baptism will be forgotten for good.

Gold bar for christening – a gift for a christening up to 500 PLN

Since you already know that gold is a christening gift for every budget, you are surely interested in what products are available for a given budget.

The first proposal is our company’s Tavex bar with a weight of 1 gram. Made from the purest gold by the LBMA accredited Nadir Metal Refinery mint, the bar is aesthetically pleasing and showcases the beauty of the gold bullion. The crown motif visible on the bar perfectly corresponds with the solemn nature of the event, and confirms that the gold bar for baptism is a hit! Tavex bar is the perfect gift idea for those who plan to spend about 300 PLN on a christening souvenir.

Obverse of 1 gram Tavex Gold Bar In Stock

1 gram Tavex Gold Bar

We sell 1+ 330,00 308 308,00 308 308,00 308 308,00 330 330,00 329 329,00 327 327,00
We sell 327,00 308 308,00 308 308,00 308 308,00 330 330,00 329 329,00 327 327,00
We buy 308,00
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An alternative to our company’s bar is the products of the PAMP and Valcambi mints, both world-renowned for their top-quality craftsmanship and weighing 1 gram, which is also an excellent idea for a christening gift up to 500 PLN. The first one depicts the image of the Roman goddess of fate – Fortuna. Bestowing the PAMP Fortuna bar on a newly-baptized child is like wishing him or her only happy moments in life. The Valcambi bar, on the other hand, with its simpler design will be the perfect choice for those who appreciate the beauty of gold itself. Like the Tavex and PAMP bars, it’s made from the highest purity gold, so in addition to being a feast for the eyes, it has investment value.

1 gram PAMP gold bar with Fortuna available for purchase In Stock

1 gram PAMP Fortuna Gold Bars

We sell 1+ 390,00 323 323,00 323 323,00 390 390,00 384 384,00
We sell 384,00 323 323,00 323 323,00 390 390,00 384 384,00
We buy 323,00
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1g Valcambi Suisse Gold Bar In Stock

1 g Valcambi Suisse Gold Bars

We sell 1+ 369,00 323 323,00 326 326,00 369 369,00 365 365,00
We sell 365,00 323 323,00 326 326,00 369 369,00 365 365,00
We buy 323,00
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Each of the aforementioned baptismal gold bars will be an excellent first step toward taking care of the financial future of a newly baptized child and will work well as a gift from extended relatives.

A gift for the baptism up to 1000 PLN

Going further, let’s take a look at the products which will perfectly suit as a baptismal gift up to 1000 PLN. This category is especially recommended for the people closest to the child, i.e. the grandparents and godparents. When choosing a christening gift up to 750 PLN, it is worth paying attention to the larger weight equivalents of the aforementioned PAMP Fortuna and Valcambi bars weighing 2.5 grams.

PAMP Fortuna is a well-known Swiss investment gold bar In Stock

2.5 gram PAMP Fortuna Gold Bars

We sell 893,00 760 760,00 893 893,00
We buy 760,00
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Valcambi Suisse 2.5 g gold bars available for purcase In Stock

2.5 gram Valcambi Suisse gold bar

We sell 848,00 749 749,00 848 848,00
We buy 749,00
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For this price ceiling, investment coins weighing 1/10th of a troy ounce are also available to us. These include:

British Britannia;

Vienna Philharmonic;

South African Krugerrand;

Australian Kangaroo.

Gift for the Baptism up to 1600 PLN

However, the most frequently chosen gift is the 5-gram bar with the motif of the Roman cross, which naturally corresponds to the sacred character of baptism. The PAMP Cross gold ingot is yet another example of quality and precision enclosed in a masterpiece of the world-renowned Swiss mint. If you particularly like the bar, but you were considering a more modest gift in terms of budget, perhaps it is worth suggesting other participants of the ceremony buy it together?

5 gram PAMP Romanesque Cross Gold Bar In Stock

5 gram PAMP Romanesque Cross Gold Bar

We sell 1650,00 1526 1526,00 1650 1650,00
We buy 1526,00
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How to pack gold for a christening gift?

Each baptismal gold bar is originally packed in the CertiPack, which is also a guarantee of the product’s authenticity, while coins are sent in plastic caps. However, it is possible to buy a bar or a coin for the baptism together with a beautiful box, thanks to which your purchase will be immediately complete, ready to give as a gift, which does not require any additional amendments from you. We encourage you to get acquainted with our new “gift wrapping service which will help you to pack gold for a christening gift.

Gift packing – gold as a gift


Gold price (XAU-PLN)
9363,07 PLN/oz
- 83,86 PLN
Silver price (XAG-PLN)
109,87 PLN/oz
- 0,44 PLN

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