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What to see in Poznań?

Published by Gabriela Kozien in category Travel guides on 13.07.2022
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What to see in Poznań

Poznań is one of the places that gather hundreds of tourists every week. This is because it offers visitors not only great views, and an unusual atmosphere, but also numerous monuments that are worth seeing. It is a city you absolutely have to see! Check what is worth seeing in Poznań – the most frequently visited tourist sites!

Poznań – how to travel around?

Top attracions in Poznań

Old Square – see the goats at high noon

In the central part of the Old Market stands the most beautiful Renaissance Town Hall. In 1551, a clock with goats was installed in the town hall. Every day, when the town hall clock strikes twelve o’clock at noon, a door in the turret above the clock opens and two goats appear. Moved by the clock mechanism, they trumpet their horns 12 times.
A tip for latecomers – if you didn’t make it to Market Square at 12 o’clock, inside City Hall on the first floor you can see the old antique goat mechanism.

Hall town poznań

Try the St. Martin’s croissant

Today it is one of the most famous Polish baked goods, protected by an EU certificate allowing it to be baked according to strict guidelines only in Greater Poland. The tradition of baking świętomarciński croissants dates back to the 19th century and is associated with the indulgence of St. Martin’s parish on November 11. One of Poznań’s confectioners, responding to the appeal of the parish priest asking for donations for the poor baked as many as three trays of them and brought them to the front of the church. Later others joined him. This is how a tradition was established that has survived to this day. On St. Martin’s Day alone, Poznań residents and numerous visitors today eat about 250 tons of croissants or about 1.25 million pieces!

Go for a walk in Citadel Park

The largest city park, Citadel Park, located in the center of the city, was created on the remains of a former Prussian fortress. Until the 19th century it was a hill with the picturesque village of Winiary (the name referring to grape growing), then it was transformed into a massive fort. After World War II, it was transformed into a park. Numerous alleys and charming corners encourage strollers, and for lovers of inline skates or bicycles, it’s almost a dream place for active recreation. A huge meadow in the middle of the park is a venue for events and music concerts. Restaurants and cafes operating in the Citadel offer delicious food and relaxation. Numerous sculptures have been installed in the park, including the largest of Magdalena Abakanowicz’s outdoor works, “Unrecognized.”. This is one of the best known artist in Poland.

Abakanowicz Cytadela Park

Palmiarnia Poznańska

For more than a century Poznań Palm House has been the largest botanical garden in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. In the space of 4600 square meters, we can admire the most original specimens of plants from all over the world, such as species of tropical plants, subtropical plants, uniquely beautiful aquatic plants, plants of tropical forests, savannah, plants of temperate climate, succulents of the American area and numerous species of aquatic animals in the aquarium. The Palm House in Poznan is an attraction open all year round, sometimes also at night, so we can approach the nightlife of aquatic animals and plants, and on a gloomy autumn evening feel the atmosphere of the holiday tropics.

Zamek Cesarski

Now is the time for history lovers. If you belong to them, the Imperial Castle is a must-see on the map of Poznan. The place is one of the largest and most important cultural centers in the country. Every year it hosts nearly 2,500 cultural events, all thanks to the presence of many institutions such as theater, cinema, concert halls, art photography galleries, and an educational center – the Center for Educational Practices, whose main goal is to create and implement new methods and tools for education, as well as to initiate and support cooperation between the spheres of culture and school education. On a daily basis, the Imperial Castle is an open place where anyone can enter to take part in an event, admire the beauty of the neo-Romanesque interiors, or simply relax.

Zamek carski Poznan

Brama Poznania ICHOT

A museum where there are no exhibits. Instead, there is light, and it plays a major role in showing visitors the history of the origins of the Polish state and the Cathedral Island. The ICHOT Poznań Gate Museum presents the cultural richness of our country and the natural assets of the island in a modern way, as it is the first heritage interpretation center in Poland, created on the model of similar institutions operating abroad. Throughout the year we organize a multitude of events, such as workshops, temporary exhibitions, concerts, activities for children and adults or scientific conferences, because it is adapted to people of all ages, both older and younger.

Rezerwat Archeologiczny Genius Loci

Genius Loci, or “spirit of the place,” in this case Poznań. The unique Archaeological Reserve takes us back to the past and thus presents the spirit of… the history of Polish statehood. The Genius Loci Archaeological Reserve is located on the grounds of Ostrów Tumski. Thousands of artifacts have been collected on its grounds, and one of the most interesting of these is the excavation of a well-preserved structure of a defensive rampart of a fortified castle from the 10th century. The facility also houses numerous multimedia exhibitions introducing various aspects of the life of the inhabitants of the area in the early Middle Ages.

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