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How to travel around Wrocław?

Published by Gabriela Kozien in category Travel guides on 14.06.2022
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How to travel around Wrocław? Wroclaw Old Twon

Are you visiting Wrocław for a city break? Or are you traveling around Lower Silesia? See how to move around Wroclaw efficiently! Check out these useful advices about prices and places. See how the capital of Lower Silesia is connected! Is it worth taking your bike with you? Or maybe it is better to get there by car? How to get from the airport to the center and finally – where are the best places to go in Wrocław? We dispel all your doubts!

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Wrocław is a part of a Silesia metropolitan area in southwest Poland. It is one of the oldest cities in Poland called The City of Bridges. Fall in love with the beautiful old town or get lost among charming streets and bridges. That is what this city may offer to you. So are you ready for a trip to Wrocław? Let us discover Poland with You!

How to get from the airport to the city center?

Here are some useful tips on how to get from Copernicus Airport in Wroclaw to the center of Wroclaw, more precisely to the area of the Main Railway Station. The Airport is located approximately 10km to the west of the city center.

Local Bus

We can get from the airport to the center by two different buses. The first one is Bus line 106 from and to Central Railway Station. The bus runs every 20 minutes and the journey last something about 40 minutes or more due to traffic jams. There is another bus line 206 which runs only at the night. Whenever you will be in Wrocław and want to use public transport the best option is to use a local application called:


You can also take a taxi from the airport. Wroclaw is served by one of the most common operators like Uber or Bolt. Which may be also chipper than a normal cab. The prices from the airport to the city center may be between 20 PLN to 40 PLN depending on the traffic.

WRO Airport Express

There is also a special bus which is faster than the local one. It will take you to the city center as well and the journey takes approximately 30 minutes. The cost of the ride is 10 PLN, payable at the entrance with the driver (you can pay in cash or by card). You can find more information here.

Car rental

There are more than a dozen companies offering car rental at the airport. You can also rent a car online and pick it up at the airport.

How to get to Wrocław?

Wrocław Airport

Now that we know that in Wrocław there is an airport we can easily answer what is the best way to get to Wrocław – of course by plane. In Wrocław there are a lot of cheap flights provided by WizzAir or Ryanair as well as a few traditional airlines. You can fly to Wroclaw directly from France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Ukraine, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Malta, Norway, Greece, Montenegro, Denmark, Switzerland, Israel, Georgia, and Sweden.


The second option is to get to Wrocław by train. This is one of the fastest and the cheapest way to discover Poland. The main railway station is located in the city center of Wrocław simply called Main Railway Station. The station handles international calls and domestic ones. Wrocław is well connected with other major cities in Poland, like Warszawa, Kraków or TriCity. You can check the tickets here.


Wrocław is also very easy and comfortable to get by car due to its network of expressways and the A4 motorway. It takes less than four hours to drive from Warsaw to Wrocław, no longer from Prague and Berlin. Wrocław also has an excellent connection to Poznań thanks to the S5 route.

There are many facilities for people traveling by car in Wrocław. In the center and the most attractive places in the city (the Zoo, the Centennial Hall, Hydropolis, the Central Railway Station, the Wrocław Stadium, and the airport) there are mostly paid car parks and parking spaces, such as:

  •  Wróblewskiego Street (parking spaces and underground parking);
  • Nowy Targ (underground car park);
  • pl. Wolności – Narodowe Forum Muzyki (underground car park);
  • Malachowskiego Street – Central Railway Station (underground car park).

How to move around Wrocław?

Public transport

There are a lot means of transport in Wrocław which is an efficient way to explore the city. Trams, buses, suburban trains, and even a cable car – public transport in Wrocław is a convenient transport system for passengers.

The first daytime buses and trams start running after 4 am, with the last ones leaving the routes around midnight. There are two ticketing systems in Wrocław: a single fare and a time-based ticketing system. There are also long-term tickets, the so-called pass tickets. Public transport tickets can be purchased at ticket machines near bus stops. You can pay for them in cash (coins and notes) and by card you can also buy a ticket via application which is the most efficient way.

One of Wrocław’s attractions is Polinka, a cable car over the Oder River. The ride over the river takes only three minutes. It is an original crossing on the walking route from Hydropolis to the zoo. You can buy a ticket from a ticket machine at stations on both sides of the Oder.


Wrocław has a network of over 214 kilometers of cycling routes, of which 16 kilometers run through parks. This appeal to inhabitants to move from car to bicycles and be more ecofriendly. There is a special map where you can easily find the bicycle’s roads. Tourist cycling routes have their own description and they can be found on here the website.

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