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What to see in Wrocław? Top tourist attractions

Published by Gabriela Kozien in category Travel guides on 06.06.2022
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What to see in Wroclaw? Tavex branch

Wrocław is one of the places that gather hundreds of tourists every week. This is because it offers visitors not only great views, an unusual atmosphere, but also numerous monuments that are worth seeing. The City of bridges – has been glimpsed in the waters of the Oder River for over a thousand years. Bearing the traces of Czech, German and Polish rule, modern Wroclaw is a truly European center. It is a city you absolutely have to see!

Check what is worth seeing in Wroclaw – the most frequently visited tourist sites!

Market Square

The 1st market square. This is the heart of Wroclaw, vibrant with life at any time of day or night. In the center of the nearly four-hectare square are the Cloth Hall and the Town Hall building with its 66-meter tower, a unique monument of Gothic and Renaissance architecture in Europe. The Town Hall building now houses the Museum of Bourgeois Art. In front of its eastern facade, there is a faithful copy of the medieval pillory, in front of the western facade, there is a monument to poet Aleksander Fredro. The square is surrounded on four sides by beautiful bourgeois houses.

Old town Wrocław

The main building of the University of Wroclaw

The main building of Wrocław’s oldest university, founded over 300 years ago, is located in a baroque complex formed by the former college and Jesuit church. It houses, among others, the Museum of the Wroclaw University, the baroque Leopoldinska Hall, and the Oratorium Marianum music hall. In the astronomical observatory in the Mathematical Tower, one can see old furnishings, including a fourteenth-century astrolabe, a sixteenth-century celestial globe, and a compass dating from 1665.

Panorama of Racławice

The Racławice Panorama painted by two painters – Jan Styka and Wojciech Kossak, one of the most popular in Poland, is a unique depiction of the battle of Racławice on April 4, 1794. It was created in Lviv for the 100th anniversary of the Kosciuszko Insurrection. The work, which measures 15 x 114 meters, is placed in a specially constructed rotunda. Thanks to the use of painterly (special perspective) and technical (lighting, artificial terrain, darkened, winding approach) procedures, the illusion of a multidimensional image was achieved.

Wrocław Zoological Garden

Wroclaw Zoo is the oldest and the largest zoo in Poland in terms of a number of exhibited animals. There are both historic buildings, e.g. bear tower, an elephant house, a monkey pavilion, and modern pavilions, e.g. Afrykarium – a unique complex presenting various ecosystems related to the aquatic environment of the Black Continent.

Zoo Wrocław

Sky Tower Wrocław

It is best visited at dusk or dawn, nevertheless, at any time of the day or night it makes an incredible impression. Sky Tower Wroclaw is one of the most important tourist spots in this city and also the first skyscraper built there. The building is 212 meters high and is located on the 49th floor. The landscapes seen from behind the windows are unbelievably impressive at any time of the year, making it an excellent setting for engagements or various photo shoots. From the glass windows, in addition to Wroclaw, one can also see Sniezka, Chelmiec or Sleza. Annually, the Sky Tower vantage point is visited by nearly 300,000 people.

Hala Stulecia

It is said that you haven’t really visited Wroclaw if you haven’t been to the Centennial Hall – one of the city’s most iconic attractions. Together with the rest of the complex – the Wrocław Congress Center, the Pergola and Multimedia Fountain and the Square under the Spire – it is referred to as a pearl of modernism. This venue was designed by Maks Berg, and is located in the vicinity of Szczytnicki Park, in the area of the Great Island, girdled by the Oder River and its canals. It creates a graceful recreational space, much loved by Wroclaw citizens. It is the site of many cultural events, also before visiting Wroclaw, it is worth checking if there is an event perfect for you. As for sightseeing, it is necessary to block out a tour in advance.

Ogród Japoński

It is by far the most beautiful place for walking in the entire city. The Japanese Garden is considered a true treasure by all lovers of botany and ichthyology. It was established on the initiative of Count Fritz von Hochberg, a diplomat, and orientalist, with the participation of Japanese horticulturist Mankichi Arai on the occasion of the Centennial Exhibition in 1913. It combines features of several types of gardens: a public garden, a water garden, one associated with a tea ceremony, and a rocky beach. By going there you can feel like a real samurai, deciding which of the designated paths you wish to follow. Pssst… if you’re looking for inspiration for arranging your garden, you couldn’t have

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What to see in Wroclaw? Tavex branch

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